Financial Journey

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

“Learning is the beginning of Wealth. Learning is the beginning of Health. Learning is the

beginning of Spirituality. Searching and Learning is where the miracle process all begins.”

-Jim Rohn

By reading this, you took your first step towards financial freedom. As a co-writer of the book “The Ordinary Millionaire” I want to take your trough the 7 Secrets to become Happy, Healthy and


Our financial journey can be summed up as follows:

1. Mindset - The most important aspect of all, and mostly overlooked in all the Financial

training programs we have seen.

2. Systems – Successful people make us of systems to ensure a predictive outcome.

3. Strategies and Tactics – Without execution the greatest ideas will come to nothing.


Being Happy, we will deal with your mindset in detail. I am of the opinion that it is one of the most critical components to your continued success and ultimate victory around your “millionaire” status.


Save yourself some time, energy and money. Systems, once learned, can be duplicated and almost be a guarantee for ultimate success. The most successful businesses in the world are almost guaranteed success as a result of systems that has predictable outcomes.


In line with the above, your success in any area of your life is dependent on the quality of questions you ask.

Next week I continue with the 6 most important questions that will help you implement the right strategies and actions.

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